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'Love' is the motive of my art world

Shim, Young Churl
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Art Work

'Love' is the motive of my art world

2009 Secret Garden - 2009 MANIF International Art Fair

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In this work, the motifs of sky, earth, and water are set through the four given layers. In the case of the first floor, aquatic plants are described as 'water', but this is not a simple description. As the source of life in our natural world, even in a single flower, countless other tissues and prototypes of life are organized like a mosaic, showing that only one collective life is formed. The flowers blooming brightly on the pedestal like a temple pillar are embedded with glass, jade, and amethyst like a mosaic, so you can feel as if they symbolize the appearance of heaven described in the apocalypse. On the 4th floor, a huge ceiling symbolizing the sky is installed, and a pious and dreamy atmosphere is created by the production of holograms and media. In addition, the 2nd and 3rd floors symbolize the earth, and by mixing intense and multiple illusions and reality on the wall, the message of affection for creatures and the sending of infinite respect and adoration to the authority of creation, existence, and operation is reflected in a complex manner.

<Feast of beauty conducted by interactive and sympathy>

Jae-eon Lee (Art Critic)


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