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'Love' is the motive of my art world

Shim, Young Churl
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'Love' is the motive of my art world

Walkerhill Art Museum : Gye-Hee Park

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 For the past two years, the Walkerhill Museum of Art has brought together artists who deserve more attention than in Korea, artists who have not been properly evaluated, and artists who are looking forward to the future. The artist we decided to accompany this time is Young-churl Shim.

 In today's art world, few experimenters are as bold, diverse, and tenacious as Young-churl Shim. The compass she relies on for her exploration has only two directions written on it. One is the world of religious mysteries, and the other is the world of thorns of science. Between these two polar opposite worlds, she sings for god, freely making use of videos, holograms, neon, and optical fiber. She sings of life, and also wanders in search of beauty.

 It is said that her art starts from faith, but his attitude of God still leads to the quest for beauty. All the cutting-edge science technologies she uses act as catalysts to reach the mysterious world.

 Therefore, in any installation that seems highly sophisticated and complex at first glance, we can even feel a sense of mystery and unity, as if launched from the source of some living being.

 She is clearly one of the most promising artists of the future. 

May 1997

Walkerhill Art Museum

Director Gye-hee Park


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